Manifesting Your Soul's Purposes Through the Akashic Records

Helen's Manifesting Testimonial Video

Manifesting Interview with Dr. Linda Howe Video

Do you have an inner knowing that there is more to life?


Would you like to identify your soul’s true path?


Are you compelled by a desire to contribute more meaningfully in the world?


In this remarkable class, Dr. Linda Howe reveals how to effectively make the shift from ordinary to ExtraOrdinary living—suffused with purpose, aliveness, and light—through the Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records can be understood as the ‘Cosmic Chronicles of You’: an energetic archive, or dimension of consciousness, that tells the story of your soul’s journey through space and time as a human being. By learning to access this dimension, you will gain insight into your earthly experience and discover how to transform your life into one that radiates light and magnetizes good.


Dr. Linda Howe is coming to Los Angeles to teach her 4th Certification Class *August 10th-12th, 2018* at the Westin LAX. This is the only in person class she will be teaching in the U.S. for all of 2018!


Video Timestamps:

2:46 - *What are the Akashic Records?

3:35 - Soul-level dimension of Consciousness

6:05 - *Difference between Intuition & the Akashic Records?

8:55 - *Why would someone want to work with the Akashic Records?

16:10 - Infinite Spiritual Resource

19:08 - *Certification class: what makes it special?

24:33 - Light ~ Radiant & Magnetic

29:58 - *What question can we ask ourselves to find out if this class is in our highest good?

37:08 - You & the Records


This is the lifetime we have been waiting for! This new era of spiritual maturity is marked by responsibility and independence, and is being embraced by people who know they have direct access to their spiritual Source and who cultivate this sacred relationship.


So how can we seize this moment and live an inspired life — fully awake, aware, and aligned with our soul’s purposes — while successfully engaging with the challenges of our everyday world?


These questions and more will be explored in the weekend-long certification class with Dr. Linda Howe ~ “Discover Your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records!”

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