The Five Elements of Mind and

The Akashic Records class

This class combines the explanations of the two modalities we will work with and

two very powerful exercises:


1) Partnered Akashic Records exercise

2) Individual and partnered Five Elements of Mind exercises

What this class can do for you:


  • Create a heightened awareness of your five elements: ego, mind, physical, emotional & soul

  • Undoing patterns that no longer serve you by getting to the truth and knowing where the inconsistencies lay

  • Separating the elements to reveal blocks, fears and resistance to your truest hearts desires


Recommended: Practitioners who work with The Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of The Akashic Records however open to anyone called to this work using these two modalities. We will be working with The Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of The Akashic Records in this Five Elements of Mind class.


This is deep, accelerated and advanced work combining two very powerful modalities. 


Please no alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before class. All classes held in person. Registration is required for class.

The Five Elements of Mind and The Akashic Records Class:  $225

~Classes Coming Soon~


The Five Elements of Mind is an internal practice that builds our ability to rectify our path's progress and strengthens our ability to endure conflict. Through integrating The Ego Processor, The Mental Processor, The Body Processor, The Emotional Processor and The Soul Processor, replete with the inculcation of The Cosmic Consciousness when necessary, we increase our ability to perform well in life, integrate lessons, heal past traumas, prepare for future events, and store wisdom we have gained from successfully living our lives. 


This class was created in collaboration with practitioner and teacher, Julian Sambrano. In combining two powerful modalities, this class ensures significant and tremendous change in one's life experience by attaining the freedom to move towards one's truest desires.

© 2004 by Leas Maria

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