Manifesting Your Soul's Purposes

Through the Akashic Records



 with Dr. Linda Howe 

Helen Vonderheide of JBT2Y is honored to host Dr. Linda Howe to teach her 5th certification class for the first time in Los Angeles!

Everyone is welcome ~ from Beginner to seasoned

Pathway Prayer Process© Practitioner!


Manhattan Beach, Autograph Collection
1400 Parkview Avenue,
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
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7 - 10pm
9am - 5:30pm
9am - 5:30pm
*lunch breaks: 12:30-2pm
All 3 days are required for certification.


Class Price:
 $1,050 by
September 11th
$100 Bring A Friend Discount ~ see details below.

Special Gift:

Everyone will receive a free autographed copy of How To Read The Akashic Records by Dr. Linda Howe! 


Bring-A-Friend Discount ~
$100 off = 1 per person 
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Discover Your Soul's Path Through The Akashic

Records by Dr. Linda Howe

~ Available through Amazon here 


How To Read The Akashic Records by Dr. Linda Howe

~ Available through Amazon here



Please, No alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before class. Must be 18 years of age.​

Give yourself plenty of rest the week leading up to the class. Nourish yourself with healthy and fresh foods, people and experiences.



How to Read Your Own Akashic Records

  • Discover What the Akashic Record Is – And Why It Matters     

  • Examine the Organization of the Records  

  • Learn How to Engage Effectively in the Records, Using Linda’s Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akasha©, for Your Personal Growth and Transformation 

  • Find Out What You Can Expect from a Conscious, Co-creative Connection with Your Own Records

  • Embark upon Your Own Spiritual Practice Working in your Records 


Saturday Morning: The Compelling Power of Our Soul’s Purposes

  • The Soul’s Spiritual Nature 

  • The Unchanging “Blueprint” of Your Soul: Who You Are as an Expression of the Divine – Your Ultimate Destiny

  • Identifying Your Soul’s Purposes 

  • Akashic Manifesting: What It is and How to Get There  


Saturday Afternoon: Clearing Blocks to Experiencing and Expressing our Soul’s Purposes

  • Exercises to Move You from Limitation to Liberation

  • Freedom from the #1 Obstacle: Grievances Against the Self   

  • Healing the Birth/Death Traumas That Are Delaying Your Success 


Sunday Morning: The Akashic Approach to Robust Manifesting

  • Prosperity, Abundance, and Money through the Akashic Lens 

  • Supercharging your Manifesting with the Dynamic Duo of Acceptance and Service

  • Top 10 Clues to Your Soul’s Purposes


Sunday Afternoon: Perpetual Growth and Manifestation for Infinite Beings 

  • Balancing Your Inner Triangle of Heart, Mind & Will to Activate Inspired Results

  • How to Make Invigorating, Illuminating Choices for Your Manifestation 

  • Your Soul’s Purposes, Your Destiny, and Your Fulfillment 

  • You – A Spiritual Being in a Material World – Experiencing, Expressing, and Enjoying Yourself and Your Life! 


Dr. Linda Howe is the founder/director of the Center for Akashic Studies and the leading expert specializing in using the Akashic Records for personal empowerment and consciousness development. By making her Pathway Prayer Process© freely available to all, she became the first person to bring access to the Records, the energetic archive of souls, to the world community.

Linda’s comprehensive, inspired curriculum has been revealed to her through her relationship with the Akasha and refined through her work with students over the past two decades. In her in-person and online Certification classes and award-winning books, she shares optimal ways to tap into the eternal wisdom of the Soul for practical application in everyday life. Drawing upon her sense of humor and storytelling skills, she brings esoteric themes to life. Linda holds a Doctorate in Spiritual Studies, with a specialty in the Akashic Records, from Emerson Theological Institute.


Q: Do I need to take any prior certification classes to take this class?

A: No. The only requirement is to read Discover Your Soul's Path Through The Akashic Records: Taking Your Life From Ordinary to Extra Ordinary by Dr. Linda Howe found here  AND 

How To Read The Akashic Records by Dr. Linda Howe ~ Available through Amazon here

Q: Can I attend for half a day?

A: No. Unfortunately, we require a full commitment for the entire duration of the certification class. 

No refunds, No exchanges, No returned deposits on payment plans ~ All sales final. Thank you!





Bring Your Soul's Purposes to Life Through the Akashic Records

You know you’re meant for something greater!

Are you ready for your gifts to be recognized and enjoyed? Is it finally time to clear the blocks that hold you back from participating whole-heartedly in life? Discover for yourself the immense value of seeing and knowing yourself through the unconditionally loving lens of your Soul, the Akashic Records. After that, nothing is the same!


Your awesome opportunity as an awakening individual is to envision your Destiny, recognize your Soul’s Intentions, and then, bring your Inspired Purposes to Life. This is the lifetime to embrace the freedom that allows you to make the fulfilling contributions held deep in your heart.

The Akashic Records can be understood as the “Cosmic Chronicles of You”: an energetic archive, or dimension of consciousness, that tells the story of your soul’s journey through space and time as a human being. By learning to access this dimension, you will gain insight into your earthly experience and discover how to transform your life into one that radiates light and magnetizes good.

Enter the inspirational, fascinating realm of the Akasha with Dr. Linda Howe as she shares her very accessible and student-tested processes designed to facilitate your awakening to your true identity and soul’s destiny. Explore the essential consciousness concepts of the Records, excavate the obstructing beliefs on your path, and learn how to realign to your soul’s highest purposes.



About The Class

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I am a newcomer to the study of the Akashic Records, and my first course with Linda has been life-altering. With her expert guidance and wisdom, I have finally entered a realm that is both new and familiar, discovering my soul’s purposes and learning my destiny in its true sense. Linda is incomparable in her knowledge and her teachings have awakened me. This is the lifetime for me to manifest my true purposes and I am filled with light and gratitude. In many ways, I feel I have come home.


I’m deeply grateful for Linda sharing her knowledge of the Akashic Records. Linda’s method of teaching (including the Pathway Prayer) and working with the Records is simple and yet powerful. The Akashic Records don’t disappoint. They deliver. They deliver healing, peace, and from that, hope. Using Linda’s method has helped me and others deal with, and even resolve, issues troubling us in this lifetime, whether they originated from past lives or from this lifetime. Working with the Records in dealing with multiple issues has shown me how powerful healing at the soul level is. This has made it easier to embrace my own human experience in this lifetime. I’m in.


I now find myself going to the Records when I feel I need to ask questions I think I know the answers to, and the answers are always different than what I thought. I know I was in the Records because it always surprises me. The truth is bigger than my own thoughts. I am very happy with my progress in the Records. As for my shared pairing this week, what I have come to realize is we are one, on this journey of Self-discovery. We are all the same energy wrapped in souls trying to find our way through life. Linda, you always hear this I’m sure, but I’m gonna say it anyway. . . You have changed my life in a profound way. I have grown and bloomed since I studied under you.

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