Helen Vonderheide is a Premier Akashic Records Practitioner, Educator, and Speaker. After many years of studying and teaching the Akashic Records to countless students, Helen has developed an innovative and inclusive approach to accessing this spiritual resource of infinite wisdom.


Through her new curriculum, Personalized Pathways, individual students and practitioners are supported in their ability to create a personal pathway to the Akashic Records and the Source of Your Consciousness.  Each person has a unique relationship to the energy of the Akasha, their MTLOs, and how they use their innate gifts to receive the information, so there isn't one prescriptive method. Everyone deserves the opportunity to discover how to access higher consciousness through their own individual pathway.


The Personalized Pathway is an energetic channel carved out, connecting the source of a human being to the Source of Your Consciousness or the Akashic Records.

To learn a little bit more about who Helen is, what the Akashic Records are, why Helen became an Akashic Records Practitioner, how to prepare for a reading, and what to expect, please watch the short video below:

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