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Certified Akashic

Records Practitioners

We invite you to explore our unique and diverse community of extraordinary human beings. They are out in the world empowering, guiding, supporting, and loving with purpose. They have been trained and certified by Helen Vonderheide, Premier Akashic Records Educator, Practitioner, and Speaker.
While each practitioner is endowed with different gifts and skills our community showcases the range of practical, spiritual, and creative offerings. Not all practitioners read professionally so please read all profiles when choosing to connect!
We are honored to introduce our community to you!

Tatiana Johnson

Tatiana is committed to sharing the illuminating power of the Akashic Records, her dedication to uplifting humanity is unparalleled. She exudes gift and skill that support an individual in aligning with their highest potential. Through her journey of inner self-discovery, her Akashic connection has expanded and evolved. As a practitioner, she uses her unique Infinite Source Pathway© to access your Holographic Library of the Cosmos of which the Akashic Records are within. When we access information from these higher realms and your intergalactic records we access infinite all. We can obtain useful and necessary information to help support us in our human elevating journey, enriching our lives in energetic and physical ways.


Chris McCann

Chris McCann is an entrepreneur who focuses on driving revenue and valuation for early and growth-stage technology start-ups globally.
Chris focuses on reconnecting individuals back with themselves by realigning with their own personal channels of greatness.  Part of his tangible contribution is to help establish these new ways of thought by supporting individuals as they reestablish and reconnect with their karmic truth.

Jessica Briggs

Jessica is an ideal fit for someone looking to heal in the context of their family! She's been coaching families since 2014 and understands the relationship between family, purpose, unique gifts/talents, career, and relationships. Her clients know her to be illuminating, fun, positive & powerful. She compliments her Akashic Readings by offering Human Design Readings as well.


Tiensirin is a second-generation Intuitive, who inherited her abilities from her father.  Born in Thailand, Spirituality and Healing practices were a major part of her upbringing. On the Earth plane, she is an Award-Winning Photographer with extensive knowledge in Entertainment Marketing and Publicity.  Accessing Akashic Records has not only been a source of her personal healing, but also helps empower her to be in her own truth and inner authority.  She specializes in areas of past lives, relationships, and business. She cannot wait to share with you the profound beauty and wisdoms that can only be found through accessing the Akashic Records.   

Shannon Kobes

Shannon grew up with her mother doing moon dances, and she learned how to clear her own energy before learning how to drive. Having been through the journey herself, her goal in life is to help support and assist you in raising your vibration and bringing you more in alinement with the level of awareness your soul has intended. Shannon is a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Coach, and Certified Advanced Akashic Record Healer & Practitioner.

Taylor Montague

A believer in Clairvoyance from the heart, Taylor has received multiple certifications from Elite Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner, Helen Vonderheide and Akashic Records expert Dr. Linda Howe. Taylor embraces each reading as a discovery, a dance, a way to be reconnected to your soul’s purpose and is fascinated by the unique and powerful offerings held within each session. Stepping aside she acts as a clear channel between your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, the Akasha, and You. 


Aya Ohara 

For Aya, readings are tools to uncover soul-level truths, facilitate personal growth, and give insights about patterns, so a client can choose their own, empowered, purposeful path moving forward. She focuses on bringing forth awareness and energetic healing through love while teaching her clients how to open up their own spiritual potential. The most helpful questions are not about predictions, but to explore your best options for how to create the results you want. Because real change requires more than vision — it requires action.

Lily Rose Marks

Lily is an advanced Akashic Records practitioner certified by both Linda Howe and Helen Vonderheide. Her readings are detailed and specific because her passion is supporting her clients to live their dreams with passion, power and purpose. She also practices clearing blocks in the subconscious where her motto is “clear the path and the things you want will find you”. 

Rachel Hardy

Rachel Hardy is a Body-Mind Wellness Coach specializing in Nervous System Healing.  She helps Creatives, Healers, and HSP’s to release physical symptoms of stress and trauma and connect with ease and flow to their body’s full energy, power, and resilience.  Rachel incorporates Somatic Experiencing practices with her background in Energy Work, Myofascial Release, and NLP, along with drawing from a range of tools gained through her own spiritual and physical healing journey.   Rachel is passionate about supporting you in fully releasing old patterns in the body so you can do your highest and deepest work from a state of ease, flow, and joy.

Sarah Anassori 

Sarah is a Career Transition Coach dedicated to helping professionals who feel called to make a bigger impact identify and step into meaningful work they love.  Sarah blends her years of traditional business experience with her passion for mindful living, personal innovation and authentic leadership to bring a strategic and spiritual approach to her clients journey of bringing forth their life's work - work that is aligned with who they truly are, what they believe in, and the legacy they wish to build.  She partners with Akashic Record Practitioners to supplement her private coaching so clients access a deeper level of clarity and confidence as they expand their leadership. 

Kait Boehm.jpeg

Kait Boehm

Kait is a Comic Love & Relationship Coach + Energy Healer that clears your subconscious blocks holding you back from manifesting all you desire in life. She has dedicated herself to empowering others to unleash their divine essence and to reconnect to their innate inner peace, self love and confidence. Kait does this through her Akashic Record readings, Transformational Coaching and her Sound Healing therapy work. Helping others heal themselves and moving them through their personal pain is both her passion and her natural born gift. 


Leigh Aschoff

Leigh Aschoff helps highly sensitive truth seekers clarify and connect with the themes of their spiritual/emotional work. All sessions are person-centered. Leigh offers Akashic Record Readings, Akashic Integration, Akashic Intuitive Guidance (a blend of an Akashic Reading and Intuitive Healing) and Transpersonal Energy Healing. Her extensive background in art, music, improvisation, yoga, neuroscience and education plays a significant role in her style as a healing practitioner. Person-centered healing is a Rogerian approach to all the readings and healing sessions Leigh offers. All the healing techniques Leigh shares are intentionally based in heart consciousness, self-connection and embodiment. Leigh believes that having a healing practitioner is an essential part of ongoing spiritual work and she is honored to be with you in dialogue and in presence during the readings and sessions.


Kristina Italic

Kristina Italic is an Artist, Occupational Therapist, Certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner,  Healer & Founder of Evoke By Kristina, a global creative and communal experience for women that merges art, expression, passion, playfulness, sensuality, and soul.


Kristina deeply understands and values the impact that self-exploration, self-expression, empowerment, and embodiment have on one's ability to truly know, accept and understand themselves.


She acts as a loving and compassionate bridge between Source energy and her clients to help illuminate their path providing loving guidance, insights, transformation, and healing experiences.


Dr. Leslie Carr

Dr. Leslie Carr is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, a certified reader of the Akashic records, and a level one reiki practitioner. She also holds a masters in Transformational NLP from NLP Marin, and has been a practitioner of meditation for over two decades. Leslie offers psychotherapy and coaching online and by phone via her home in Los Angeles, and she's available for both ongoing (weekly) support as well as single-standing sessions. The gift that Leslie offers our community is the ability to offer grounded counsel about challenges related to trauma, personality dynamics, and relationship issues. Her experience in the records informs her outlook but she is first and foremost a trained therapist and coach. PPO insurance reimbursement is available for people who live in the state of California.

Please Note:
Each individual practitioner is an Independent Contractor of their own business.
JBT2Y is not responsible or liable for any transactions that take place, nor are we associated with their business.
JBT2Y shares and extends its practitioners to our community with the highest regard.
Each practitioner has their own unique style, talent, and ability. When choosing a practitioner please ask your innermost self, "What benefits may I receive if I work with this particular practitioner?"
Please email us know if you have any questions!
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