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Community Mission: Just Bee True 2 You was created from a personal journey through darkness into light, and while that journey was personal, it is also universal. Along this path, the JBT2Y Community was birthed! We are an ever-growing, multi-talented, and all-around extraordinary group of individuals. We are founded on mutual respect to honor each individual and their truths. We continue to come together, to support each other and the work!
JBT2Y Subscription Packages: We have three subscription offerings exclusively for JBT2Y Certified Akashic Records Practitioners trained and certified by Helen Vonderheide. You can become a Certified Practitioner by taking a Certification Class with Helen.

The Subscriptions are designed to support a deep connection with self, your spiritual practice, and others on a similar path! All subscription perks are led by our Community Director, Tatiana Johnson.

SHINE Subscription:  Free
RADIATE Subscription:  $6/month
ILLUMINATE Subscription:  $12/month

Some subscription benefits include Virtual Akashic Gatherings, Bi-Weekly Akashic Experience exercises, Akashic Dialogues, Akashic Penning, and much more! Please visit our Activities Calendar for the year of events.


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