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JBT2Y Certified
Akashic Records


Our vision is to embrace every living being as an expression of divine love, uplift and empower those whom we connect with, and share the latest advancements and progress within the field of the Akashic Records and Source Consciousness.


Just Bee True 2 You, founded by Helen Vonderheide, is committed to restoring the soul-level truth within each living being. 


Our purpose-led community exists to share the illuminating power of the Akashic Records and Source Consciousness. 


We are driven by those who are called to know their soul and aim to provide transformation and expansion within their lives.


We tap into the Akashic Records and Source Consciousness as a resource for those striving to reach inner peace and personal excellence.


A note to our Community ~

We created our Facebook and Mighty Networks community so that each practitioner has a place they can turn to at any time. 


We may be in different cities all around the world, in different time zones, facing different circumstances but this community will constantly be available to support you through your growth and development through the Akashic Records and Source Consciousness. If a community member needs support they can turn to us and as a community, we will do our best to support them.


In light of all of our beautiful differences, we have crafted our Code of Conduct to ensure we support, encourage, and uplift one another in a community that is safe and welcoming.


  1. Zero tolerance policy against any form of discrimination (race, gender/non-binary, age, religion, political view, sexual preference, and health choices including but not limited to any other form that is not listed here).

  2. Please respect and accept that each individual has their own personal perspectives.

  3. Be self-aware of your communication and treat others with kindness.

  4. Have compassion and understanding when something conflicts with your truth.

  5. Feel free to bring questions about your struggles around life’s difficulties and challenges.

  6. Post comments that are illuminating, supportive, and empowering.

  7. Do not offer unsolicited advice unless it is requested.

  8. Do not suggest professional, medical, financial, or legal advice unless it is requested.

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