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"Let me preface this review by saying I have studied spiritual traditions for the past twenty years and have received countless readings all around the world.  Helen’s readings are the best I’ve ever received, hands down.  It is very hard for people to read me clearly.  


Akashic readings are unique in that they are answers from your spiritual team and Helen is an interpreter of sorts.  Because she is so light and clear, the information flows freely and clearly through her.  And because it’s your team, the readings are always positive and prescriptive.  I’ve recommended quite a few friends and family to her and everyone has had an amazing reading with her, some have been life-changing.


The advice I give to those seeking a reading with Helen is to come prepared with 2-5 questions based on the length of your reading.  To get the most out of the reading, you have to think the way they think.  For example, I tell people not to treat this like a physic reading (e.g. When will I get the job of my dreams?).  Instead, think of it like a soul reading (e.g. what is preventing me from having the job of my dreams? or What career path would be best in line with my higher purpose?).  The other thing I recommend is to ask lots of follow up questions because the information is coming from a level of thinking most of us are not accustomed to and translation/follow up is necessary.  


What I find most helpful about the readings is not so much what’s going to happen next but the prescriptive advice that is given to work through blockages.  For example, sometimes they’ll give you an affirmation or practical everyday exercises to help you clear blocks.  Information is wonderful, but the practical advice very on point."

Shaily, Los Angeles, CA

“I just had the most auspicious moment with the recording of my session with you; I accidentally put it on, just now, after since being scared to revisit the power I remember communing with. I’m pouring with an appreciation for you and a deeper understanding of what it all meant overtime. I would love, love, love to continue the dialogue with my records. I feel deeply that I was supposed to hear it then, where it manifested into a simple reassurance to help me move forward. In hindsight, two years later, I actually operated on the words outside of a conscious decision. Listening to the session now, in this stage of my heart, resurged the records with a whole new meaning that makes utter sense. Yesterday’s challenges are actually in the process of active long-term healing, in line with what I was told then. Mind you, I came to you when I was running short on hope after a lifetime of the same struggle. After listening to our recording today, I took a breath today of such gratitude that my internal shift has not only begun, I’m so far in and the future is once again an exciting prospect. I'm really blessed I had the knowledge to record it for my future self, today and to have come across your work. Like truly Helen, I cried today, like when I started crying in our session but my tears were awe and rooted in joy while in the recording it was firmly in sadness and the beginning of a release. It was just so metaphysical that the tears were activated by myself with a whole new perspective. You’re incredible. Your voice took me right back, it wasn’t just words. You’re totally a vessel, my body trusted and responded to. Your tone totally conveys and retains it even after the actual moment.”

Logan, Los Angeles, CA

"I have worked with Helen almost every week for the last 3-4 months and my life and perception of life has completely changed. She is very talented in her gifts and she has a nurturing loving and soft-spoken voice. She creates a safe space to ask questions that may be difficult and uncomfortable. She channels from a nonjudgmental space and has guided me through some of the toughest obstacles I have ever faced and I am learning to trust my intuition so much more from our sessions. She is open-hearted, strong and so unbelievably loving and compassionate. I have referred my closest family and friends to her who are also always completely impressed and amazed with the results. I would send anyone her way."

Christie, Los Angeles, CA


"Reviewing my Akashic records with Helen was a calming, reassuring and inspiring experience. I suffer a lot of mental noise and she helped me to cut through that and find the courage to see some of the aspects of myself, with which I tend to be uncomfortable, in a much more positive light. I've lost any feeling of loneliness since I spoke to Helen. She also has a voice which is just lovely to listen to."

Paul, New York, NY 


"Discovering my Akashic records with Helen was an interesting and inspiring experience. It was really reassuring and it helped me find the confidence to go through the life chosen paths and those I will choose. I got carried away by this discovery.  Also, this experience made me realize that in this world, we are never alone but all connected. Helen is a trustworthy person and very professional. She made me feel comfortable and I felt super excited. And the experience was! I highly recommend Helen to anyone who is looking for inspiration and self-confidence."

Caroline, Lille, France

"I was somewhat skeptical but open. Afterward, I was intrigued because so many references were spot on or close to people and events that were important to me."

John, Chicago, IL (Helen's father)


"Helen has a natural gift of seeing into your true self and helping you blossom.  I was introduced to Helen through a friend and I am so thankful I was! After one reading with Helen I felt more at peace, lighter, inspired and well... supported on my journey.  She enabled me to get clear on my skills and gifts, my path, and even suture up some old wounds.  I cannot wait for our next session! I highly recommend Helen to anyone who is looking for confirmation that what your gut is telling you is right, if you need a little shot of confidence, or if you are feeling lost and need a road map.  Trust me, every minute with her is worth it, she brought up things I didn't even know I should think about or work on!  She is a hidden gem and a true professional!" 

Lauren, Austin, TX


"As a spiritual person, I have often turned to psychics & sages for help and direction.  When I was given the gift of an Akashic record reading by Helen last year I was honored but did not expect it to be anything more than what I had done in the past.  My experience with Helen by far exceeded my expectations.  What transpired was beyond anything I've ever experienced.  I can only describe it as divine pure love.  Every human being can benefit from an Akashic reading."

Marissa, Costa Mesa, CA


"When I talked to Helen, I felt like her voice was so angelic.  Right away she made me feel comfortable and I felt excited because she was. Helen not only said things that were true but spoke of upcoming events that have since come true.  She is a delight to talk to, really open to anything you have to ask and truly loves what she does."

Sara, San Diego, CA 


"I got a reading from Helen, being the skeptical guy that I am at first I kind of held back but the genuine joy and excitement that Helen brought allowed to relax and just ask away.  What I received was some direction to go in, I believe we all have the answers but sometimes we need a push and that's what I received from Helen."

Gabe, Los Angeles, CA


"A girlfriend told me about the amazing Akashic reading she had with Helen.  The first time I heard about the reading I felt stuck with some decisions I had to make in my life, I needed some clarity to see which way to go, so I decided to get a reading and WOW everything Helen said was exactly what my soul was seeking.  In fact, it was so incredible that I wrote a list of questions and went a second time.  The experience was mind-blowing that I can't even describe with words, all I can say is we both had tears of emotion.  I decided to tell four of my friends, who have all gone to see Helen and they all had the same excellent experience.  I recommend Helen's reading to anyone that needs clarity or just for the experience because it is definitely worth it.  Thank you, Helen!!"

Monica, Santa Monica, CA


"I had a lovely reading with Helen.  The mere thought of her insight coming to life was both refreshing and uplifting.  Helen's intentions and demeanor are genuine and I am fortunate to have had that time with her.  Good luck on your journey!"

Tracy, Orland Park, IL


"I went into my Akashic record reading with Helen a bit tentatively as I was unsure what to expect.  However, when I arrived at her place she was very calm and had a warm presence that put me at ease.  The reading was amazing!  I learned some very interesting things that will help me in the immediate future, as well as beyond.  My only issue was that it was not long enough even though it went for about two hours.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be going for another Akashic record reading. Helen is an amazing person and she has my support!"

John, Los Angeles, CA


"I was a skeptic until my reading. Helen opened up an entirely new world for me during my session. She is gifted at maintaining comfort in the room while you are experiencing something so personal together. She is graceful in her communication, and powerfully connected to your individual reading. I am so glad I let my curiosity get the better of me. Helen has a gift."

Allison, Los Angeles, CA


"The opportunity to have an Akashic reading with Helen has been life-altering.  It confirmed many of the thoughts and feelings that were already within me.  This experience gave me hope and direction, which is the greatest gift one can receive.  Such raw emotion was exchanged, I will be a lifetime client and friend!"

Linda, Joliet, IL


"I have witnessed firsthand Helen's humbly gracious transition into her spiritual calling of Akashic Readings.  Her journey is rooted in authenticity - with the desire to live out her soul's purpose - to help others learn and understand their soul's calling.  Helen has a special connection to a higher ether of knowledge."

Brooke, Los Angeles, CA 


"I have never done anything like this before. So much was going wrong in my life and I was so cluttered. I knew there was so much out there and so many directions I could go, but I just couldn't see. There was a huge block keeping me from moving forward. I had no idea what to expect when I called Helen and what I got was more than I could have imagined. We began chatting and it was so easy to open up to her and just let it all out for once. It was like this extremely calming energy on the other end of the phone as she listened and took in every bit of information. I shared all the things I was worried about and the areas in my life where I needed direction and guidance. It felt good saying this all aloud like I wasn't alone with all these feelings anymore, but then Helen started talking and something amazing happened. Everything she said was things in my heart that I knew to be true, but I just couldn't access them through all the noise. It was like she lifted a vail, dusted away all the debris and started showing me all the pieces that were there waiting to be connected, waiting to be realized. It was a beacon of hope. A glimpse of what was right around the corner if I could just hang on and be strong. It was clarity. A tremendous amount of peace and serenity washed over me and for the first time in a long time, I knew exactly what my next step was.


Helen is an extremely gifted and talented individual. After my session with her, I truly believe that there are people on this Earth blessed with the capacity to transcend the physical world and all the ego and attachment that comes with it that clutters our ability to see the truth, to see things as they really are, as is. There is so much to learn from the lense for which Helen sees our place and purpose in this life. She doesn't preach and will never give unsolicited advice or tell someone what they need to do. She is a compassionate and understanding constant who wants nothing more than to help others unlock the truth deep within and begin the healing process, but only when you are ready and willing to see what lies just beyond your sight, only when you are ready to see the truth and do the work to change your path, only when you are ready to learn will a teacher like Helen appear, as a guide, as a healer, as a source of tranquility radiating the love and kindness you need to find strength to crawl out of the darkness and flip on the light."

Elizabeth, San Francisco, CA


"I love that your tag line is "I help people find the clarity and courage they're missing in their life so they can step into their greatness." I feel like that is EXACTLY what you did for me. What was most helpful about the reading was the specificity that you were able to answer my questions with. It literally felt like you were connecting to a higher part of me that in a way, already knew the answers, and your reading only confirmed them. Your answers weren't vague or generic at all, but rather exact and so deliberately truthful. My questions were very meaningful to me because of all the spiritual work I've been doing for the past year. In the midst of all of my doubting, my fear, and my anxiety, there has been a little voice or entity that I've felt lets me know it's all ok regardless of the situation. I felt like you were able to access that voice. You were also so concise and fluid throughout the entire reading. Your body, your mind, your whole being was present and channeling. In the past, I've had my hesitations about going to a psychic because there are so many charlatans out there, but the grace and power your presence and the accuracy of your answers felt intuitively honest. There was a very motherly and nurturing feel to the entire thing. I know you, so I trust you, but I think that for people who are super skeptical, your reading style will quickly put them at ease. Your personality and reading style doesn't feel phony or contrived. People need to feel like they trust you because if they are coming to you they are in some sort of pain, looking for answers, looking for ease. You invoke that trust immediately."

Victoria, Los Angeles, CA

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