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Are you looking to discover how to access information from an expansive field of consciousness? Do you want your own unique Personal Pathway to the Akashic Records and/or Source of Your Consciousness?


Through Helen’s new curriculum, Personal Pathways, a person is supported in their ability to develop and create a personal pathway to the Akashic Records and Source Consciousness.


The Personal Pathway ~ One-on-One session is broken down into 2 two-hour sessions where Helen will open your Akashic Records, receive support from the person's guides, and together all will work through the Personal Pathway Blueprint©. 


The Personal Pathway Blueprint is a suggested seven-step structure to support you in attuning to the innate channel within your being. This channel will provide you with the experience to know the Source of your Consciousness, so you can have access to the imprints and wisdom within the Akashic field and beyond. In personalizing your Pathway to access this source of energy and consciousness, you deliberately create a path to connect and communicate with this source of information. The outline helps you create an invocation to consciously connect to this channel.


Personal Pathway ~ One-on-One session #1 guides a person in developing and creating their own unique Personal Pathway. Together we discover a pathway that is true for you to access the source of your consciousness.


Personal Pathway ~ One-on-One session #2 guides a person in refining and tightening up their Personal Pathway. In addition, we create guidelines that are supportive of a deeper connection.


After the completion of the first session, the person is encouraged to let their intuition guide them in scheduling the second session. The timing is up to the individual; however, we do not want the momentum to be lost.


Session # 1 : $347.50

Session # 2 : $347.50

For a Total Investment of $695

The consultations are available via Phone or Zoom (a remote video service). The sessions are permitted to be recorded however it is the responsibility of the person to record these sessions not the responsibility of Helen. Also, please note there will be a short intake form to be filled out prior to the session.

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