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Akashic Mentorship


Are you feeling called to expand exponentially and excel in your spiritual practice or Akashic Records Practice?


Helen now offers an Akashic Mentorship session for anyone called to expand their relationship with the energy of the Akashic Records and Source Consciousness. This may be the right fit for you if you feel you need more clarity to move through blocks, want to strengthen your connection, or access deeper insight.

During a Mentorship session, you are encouraged to come up with questions, areas needing more insight, and topics of life to go deeper in. Prior to individually accessing and working in the Akashic Records Helen will discuss the intake form filled out prior to making the appointment. At that time Helen will create an outline so that when both practitioners access their Akashic Records Helen can receive clarity and information to support the individual in deepening their Akashic Records practice. Helen will access her Records using her Pathway to the Source of Akashic and the practitioner can tap into their Records however they like. The mentorship session is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Both practitioners will work in their Akashic Records for one hour in an exchange of energy, consciousness, and information. There are 30 additional minutes where Helen discusses the individual's intake form prior to tapping in to create an outline and once the session is complete both will create a strategy for moving forward. Big-picture insights and practical wisdom will flow through this Divine exchange.



1 hour and 30 minutes : $360

The consultations are available either via phone or Zoom (a remote video service). An audio recording will be provided at no additional cost for both options; however, if you'd like a video recording, there is an additional administrative fee of $10. Also, please note there will be a short intake form to be filled out prior to the session.

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