What does Akashic mean?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word derived from the ancient Vedantic philosophies of India. It describes the etheric, energetic non-material that makes up so much of the universe. The Akashic Field is an incredibly high vibration of energy. This field of energy is crystalline in structure and exquisite in its sensitivity, which registers every vibration, no matter how slight, across all realms.


What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic library of imprints, composed of past lives and events, present realities, and future possibilities for each individual soul. The Records are a vibrational archive containing every aspect of each soul’s journey. As we are coming into a massive awakening of all life on earth, we now have many ways to access this infinite resource. Through a Personalized Pathway, and the words we speak, we can invoke an immediate and protected channel to connect with the Source of Your Consciousness, which can include the Akashic Records, depending on the individual practitioner.


What can I expect from an Akashic Record reading?

Having an Akashic Record reading can be extremely valuable.  The soul's very essence and expression, potentials, and purposes can be revealed. Issues of the lifetime are brought to light from a spiritual perspective.  Both favorable and difficult patterns that are present can be identified. Corrective measures required to establish harmony can be seen.


The purpose of a reading is to dignify the person being read.  To dignify is to elevate.  An Akashic Record reading is a way to uplift the one being read.  Being in the Records, the reader perceives the potential of the person he or she is reading.  The perception is then anchored in this ordinary dimension of consciousness.  The person being read resonates to this higher frequency and becomes aware of the possibility of this quickened vibrational level.  Through this upliftment, the person being read is relieved of lower vibrational activity and freed to move on in a higher state of consciousness and action.


Holding the light steady for those who seek illumination is a privilege.  Ideally, a reading is one soul connecting with another in an intimate and profound transmission of the sacred energy of the Records.  This is often a remarkable experience for both people involved.  In these sessions, the heart of your current issues will be revealed.  This revelation will bring to light the best ways to heal the causes of your difficulties.  Through the heart of the Akashic Records, we find the points of light and power in you and your life at this time.


How can I prepare for my reading?

To prepare for the reading, consider the areas of your life about which you want information.  Normally, people ask about health, creative expression, work and money, relationships, and family of origin.  Think about those issues in your life that seem to be unbudgeable; those areas that seem to get worse with time, never better.  Ordinary human challenges are the path to higher consciousness.  Think about your life and where you would like insight, guidance, and healing information.  Bring your questions. Know that the reading is a shared experience between you, the reader and the energy of the Records.  The spirit of light and truth will be available to uplift you and illuminate your journey.

© 2001 by Linda Howe, Founder, and Director of The Center for Akashic Studies

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