Meet our Team

Allison Peck

JBT2Y Director

Allison is an Advanced Akashic Practitioner and visual artist. In the past year, she's incorporated both practices into an offering called an Akashic Art Reading in which she provides an Akashic Record Reading and a personalized artwork for clients. The artwork is a visual interpretation of the energetic vibration of the reading and can serve as a personal talisman, a reminder of the clarity and healing received.


Akashic Art Readings 

~ by donation during the pandemic ~

50 minute Reading + Personal Artwork (8" circle)

$100 suggested donation/sliding scale

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Christina Barlow

JBT2Y Manager

I am an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and Self Care Life Coach. As an empath, I empowered myself by using these tools to tune into my intuition, body, and feelings.


Through my work, I connect people with alternative strategies to bring physical balance and emotional wellbeing.   I do this by intuitively guiding you towards the healing modalities that support your unique constitution. 

~ Offerings by donation during pandemic ~

Akashic record reading // reiki energy healing // self care life coach // private kundalini yoga/breathwork/meditation session

45 minutes 


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Angela Sauceda

Marketing Director

Angela is the owner of Lost Angeles Style, a place where she sells her thrifted finds and discusses topics like personal style, food, and community. By night she helps creative small business owners create their own brand and marketing strategies. An Advanced Akashic Practitioner, she uses the records to guide her through her creative endeavors.

Wix & Wordpress Website Design//

Clothing Consignment

~ Clothing Consignment split 60%/40%~

Per Hour: $80, 50% off for Practitioners during Pandemic

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Calle Sorce

Media Director

Callie is an intuitive and a level III Pranic Healer. Becoming a Pranic Healer has become one of her greatest gifts, assisting in releasing physical, emotional, and psychological blockages that affect our daily functioning. While she enjoys helping clients connect with their true essence, she remains passionate about storytelling and works in the film & TV industry as a freelance sound editor. Callie currently works at Technicolor Paramount. 

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Jackie Alixander

Media Manager

I am an energy worker, from New Zealand, who's always been extra-sensory. Through Reiki, Golden Dragon & Saichem energies I began to better understand my abilities and my call to use them for healing myself and others. I work intuitively with spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters, but my 'level-up' so to speak was discovering the Akashic records and then being able to participate in JBT2Y certified workshops. It was a serendipitous event that changed everything for me, before then solely a word of mouth practice, the MTLOs have pushed me to brave the world-wide-web with my own website and social media pages. Then also into a wider practice with Liberate Emporium and the beautiful JBT2Y community. It never fails to amuse me how fluid positive change is when you are working WITH your Guides, Angels, Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones.

We all have the capacity to communicate with Godiverse, I want to hold that space for others to help trigger the body's natural healing abilities and balance mind, body, and emotions.


~ Reiki, Saichem & Golden Dragon Energy Healing // Intuitive Coaching // Angel Card Reading // Akashic Record Reading
Readings ~ sliding scale of $30-45 per 30 minutes during the quarantine. ~

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Tatiana Valdivia Johnson

Community Manager

I'm Tatiana a Certified Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner.

I discovered the Akashic Records in 2019 and found a kind of unconditional love and source of wisdom that I didn’t believe existed. I’m thrilled and honored to be offering Akashic Record readings for others. I love being the messenger that shares this beautiful resource that awakens humanity to their illuminated path.

~ Certified Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner// Certified Reiki Master & Teacher// Photographer // 
Use code: YesYes for 15% off any Akashic Record Reading ~

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Lily Rose Marks

Content Writer

Lily loves being on the JustBeeTrue2You team.

She supports Helen as a content writer/creator/editor, wherever she is needed! If you are interested in hiring Lily for her ghostwriting services, she is offering quarantine pricing at 50$/hr. She is also an Akashic Records reader and does healing in the subconscious mind, tailoring her sessions to the client.

~ Akashic Record Practitioner // Content Writer/Creator/Editor //
Ghost Writing Services ~
quarantine offering of $50/hr
Akashic Records Readings & Subconscious Healing Sessions (tailored to each client) ~ quarantine offering of $111/hr

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Taylor of Akashic Light

Branding Consultant 

A certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner. After being introduced to the Akashic Records, Taylor was able to channel the many mysteries into a practice that is not only an exploration but also a celebration.

By deepening her connection to spirit in the Akasha and through years of training, she began to open the records for others. She considers Akashic sessions not only an exploration but also a celebration.

She embraces each session as a discovery, a dance, a way to be reconnected to your soul’s purpose, and she is fascinated by the unique guidance offered within each session. 


Certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner // Art Director // Creative Consulting at Studio Soleil //
Akashic Records Sessions ~ 60 min sliding scale starting at $111: booking link |

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Michail F. Vamvatiras

Video Producer

A Capricorn, the 27th successful experiment, as he was born dead. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and he was the color of his t-shirt in the photo. The technique used to revive him without having brain damage was used successfully 26 times before him. Michalis Vamvatiras - or The Greek Guy as he is vastly known throughout the Universe - is always curious and knowledge-thirsty. He has a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy, he is an Acupuncturist and Kinesio Tape practitioner as well as the owner of Digital Pumpkin, an all-in-one media production company. An immigrant from Greece, Michalis came to the USA in search of a brighter future and got married to his childhood sweetheart.  

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