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Discounts and Scholarships
Certification Classes

Ask and you shall receive!



 Certification Class Investment

  • Class One $295

  • Class Two $395

If you are in need of universal support we have created ASK discount and scholarship offerings.

1) Join With A Friend ~ You and a friend join the classes together and enjoy 50% off class tuition.

Availability: Unlimited

2) Sliding Scale Discount ~ Ask your soul what discount between 20-30% off class tuition is most supportive of your life.

Availability: Unlimited

3) Pay What You Can ~ First, come, first-serve basis, name your investment.

Availability: 2 spaces remaining out of 10


We trust you and how you are being guided towards a particular ASK discount and scholarship offer.


Please keep in mind the first two classes train and equip you to read another person, in addition, to offering personal pathway sessions so you can support another in creating their own personal pathway. You will receive tremendous value inside and out by investing in this work.


In each class, you will have a teacher in training as a supportive guide and mentor to help you process, integrate, and actualize your work. This support takes place during class time. If more support is needed outside of the class time you must arrange an appropriate exchange with your mentor or another from the group.


Registration Process


  • If you are ready to commit and invest full price register here

  • If you and a friend are joining please email for the discount codes to register and enjoy 50% off class tuition.

  • If you want to utilize the sliding scale discount, take a quiet moment, ask your soul what discount between 20-30% off the class price is supportive of you and let us know by emailing and we will send you back a special discount code.

  • If you want to utilize pay what you can, first come, first serve basis email us right away and let us know how much you can pay and we will send you back a special discount code.

  • If none of these options align with you please email us and express your interest. Whatever resources we have from Pay It Forward we will use towards your participation and tuition of the classes. Please see below for more information on Pay It Forward.

Pay It Forward


Pay It Forward ~ This opportunity is available for a participant who wants to join the classes and share their resources to sponsor a class participant.

Availability: Reflective of invested resources

  • If you want to pay it forward email us right away and let us know how much you would like to invest and if there is someone you’d like to nominate.