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Pathways of the Heart


Pathways of the Heart
August 15 - November 14, 2022

18 hours - $800 $400

12 sessions total - Mondays at 5:30pm PDT / 8:30pm EDT

Pathways of the Heart is a boundless journey to align the human and soul expression through relating, dating, and partnering. It was born from a quiet voice inside of me that said “you are meant to experience something greater.” This whisper became a call within myself and the collective. 


Pathways of the Heart is the ability to express and experience love without boundaries while knowing you are not meant to settle in any relationship. Love exists within us, but others are essential to activating its expression. This is why relationships reflect parts of ourselves we may not have previously understood or acknowledged. 

Pathways of the Heart pulls forth the presence of love which is expressed through the heart.  We explore the distinction between love as a presence and the heart as a vehicle for expression. A fully embodied relationship with love in its allness allows us to feel at peace, whole, connected, grateful, and full of compassion. 


Through the lens of the Akashic Records and Decoloniality, YOU write your story. This is an invitation to experience a conscious attunement of your expansive self (soul, human, and living system) and the alignment of that in relationship(s). 


This program is three months / 12 sessions commencing Monday, August 15th at 5:30 PM PDT/8:30 PM EDT. We meet on Mondays for an hour and a half, and the last 20 minutes are intimately connecting in small groups. We have a few guest facilitators. At this time, the pilot program is $400 (half of the $800 value). It is open to unpartnered people. In the future, it will be open to partnered people and beyond. All files will be stored in our Mighty Networks Akashic Community. Participants do not need to attend live, each gathering will be recorded. However, the intention of the program is to provide real-time human support, interaction, exploration, connection, and integration.

MONTH ONE : Intentional Pathways (Heart)

Uncovering and holding true to the original intent of the soul. 


We set the foundation for understanding our intention for the journey and co-create a collective Pathways of the Heart invocation.


MONTH TWO : Healing Wounds of Belonging (Mind) 

Discover and explore a constellation of expansive relationship(s).


We explore wounding experiences to expand the flow of energy between the etheric and physical heart.


MONTH THREE : Co-creative Entanglement (Will)

Access a portal through past relationship(s) into the next expansive relationship experience. 


We embody the full expressions of the heart without settling.


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