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Pathways to Akasha

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Pathways to Akasha is a curation of teachers who have graduated from the Embodying the Source of Your Consciousness Teacher Training Program and are paving the way for future generations.


This weekend immersion was birthed out of the teacher training program and the unique creativity that each person exudes. During Class Six, teachers were encouraged to develop and actualize an idea(s) as a contribution to humanity in service to the innate needs we each possess. Bearing witness to the innovation and passion poured into each offering has been life-changing. 


We invite you to join us for a weekend series full of inspiring voices sharing about the Akasha and beyond ~ with experiential offerings delving into the soul’s incarnations and journey through free will and choice to answer your soul’s calling. 

The Journey background

Prior to a soul’s incarnation, it reviews past, potential present, and theoretical future themes in which it will experience itself and its expansion of consciousness. Carefully selecting themes enables it to evolve in its knowledge and wisdom through its choices.


Akashic Records as a resource

Two primary parts to the organization of the Akashic Records: the soul blueprint which contains the themes and life lessons and the soul’s experiences of existence which reflect the free will and choice of a soul/human.


The Journey

Through this journey, the participant will identify their prevalent themes and use this weekend immersion to transform their free will and choice. This means through the attunement of this weekend journey and when choices are presented to a human/soul their choices will never be what they once were. They will return changed.


The Call

This is a call to actualization, to urgently listen to your heart, envision radical future structures, speak the first vocalization, let go of former identities, dream of radical hope through a non-binary structure, and exist in life as the self you so choose.

Pathways to Akasha

Co-creative Journey 

through the lens of the Akashic Records, Omniverse, and beyond

September 16, 17, & 18, 2022

Friday : 8-10pm EDT

Saturday : 12-5:30pm EDT

[30-minute break at 1:30 and 3:30]

Sunday : 12-5pm EDT

[30-minute break at 1:30 and 3]

We welcome you on a journey between realms.

Pricing Tiers :

  1. Accessibility $19.95 
    *This price is reflective of anyone experiencing financial challenges. The weekend immersion will be completely available to a participant who attends live. Please use Coupon Code ACCESSIBILITY for $30 off of the Compatibility ticket. No recordings are offered.*

  2. Compatibility ~  $49.95 
    *This price is reflective of the total cost of the weekend immersion. The weekend immersion will be completely available to a participant who attends live. No recordings are offered.*

  3. Sustainability ~  $99.95 
    *This price is reflective of life-long access to all the material. The weekend immersion will be completely available to a participant who attends live/or not. All the recordings and materials are offered.*

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